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My interest in Sally Ride began with the name,
honestly.  The first thing that came to
mind was “Ride, Sally Ride”! Oddly enough, that is what thousands of people put
on t-shirts when they went to watch Sally Ride fly off into space. However,
after the fascination of her name drew to a close, I noticed that Sally Ride
was the first American woman in space. Then, the real interest began.  Being a woman in a “man’s world” is not very easy;
however, Sally Ride took the space shuttle by the engines and flew.  She was unaffected by the fact that she was
going into a job that had only been done by men, and she excelled at the task.
Although, Sally Ride was unaware that being the first American woman in space
would break down barriers for many other women in science.

Before Sally Ride flew off into space, she was just an average girl. Born in
Encino, California, she had a very normal life. She very much enjoyed science,
math, and reading in school. She was pretty shy in the classroom and did not
like to be called on. However, she also enjoyed being active and playing
outside, as most children growing up in the 50s and 60s. Whenever her teacher
would put on the TV to watch a space launch, Sally Ride knew that is what she
wanted to do.

Currently, Sally Ride teaches Physics at
the University of California. She still enjoys being active and brushing up on
her readings.

Sally is a perfect example of a role model for future scientists! She pushed through the negativity and the barriers that people thought would prevent her from doing what she loved. She was hard working and dedicated. Plus she opened a program for young women to join to get them more interested in Math and Science.

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